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Saturday, February 05, 2005

List of some Management litterature and inspiration/Litteraturlista och inspiration - Ledarskap

During several training courses, seminars and other events where I've had the honor to be speaking one question always comes up: "What management books do you recommend?"

I have to answer honestly, "I don't really read that much" - I tend to live according to the model created by Sir Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the organisation and author of "Scouting for Boys" in 1895. The method is just as obvious today as then - "Learning by doing".

However, no rule without exceptions... A few that I have found useful hints in - and sometimes used the book as such as tools in education and change are listed here. Some may be available in Swedish only. Mail me if in doubt.

General Management litterature:
* "In search of Excellence" - Michael Porter's bestseller of the 80's. Still worth reading

Thougthful on attitudes, personal responsibility and my self appreciation:
* "Who moved my cheese?" by Spencer Johnson. ISBN:
* "Vem snodde osten?" av Spencer Johnson (Swedish) ISBN:
Excellent to use as a starter for projects in change, re-engineering, fusions and alike.

On building organisations, management, and corporate social responsibitity:
* "Seven levels of corporate consciousness" by Richard Barrett.
A great description of how it all can come down to one model - business planning, corporate culture, quality, balanced scorecards, CSR, CRM, ERP - and self development. A great comprehension of several subjects.


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