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Monday, April 06, 2009

2 driving forces (at least!) for cloud services

Cloud services (xxx as a service aka "asp" in the old days...) will gain speed rapidly. There are several forces that will drive this business:

Short term:
1. cost savings in the financial crisis: Most corporations have to reduce cost rapidly. Starting with some cloud services will offer that opportunity

2. the service level from it department to the management level will be challenged by decision panels in the cloud

Long term:
1. Cost savings once the financial crisis is over will increase. Good it staff will be costly, not covering for the surplus cost of local servers

2. security issues will not be handled in the shell model (similar to customs at the border of a country) but rather internally "in the stream" of the information

The next big group to be shortcut by techy development are resellers of servers. What will you add on your services - or adjust to the market situation?

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