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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Recommending Bob Lefsetz - ex music inhabitant

He really gets it all - and comprise it all to a few sentences.

* yes - if you produce something - you should get something
* you need to produce something that is needed by customers
* technology develops - so should you
* laws are always - and SHOULD be! - behind

out of the latest posts:

"I get it, it's the legal theory/precedent. But wasn't that the rationale behind the Napster suits? Establishing the law? So now we've established the law in Sweden. Where next, Afghanistan? Cuba? North Korea? You can put a server anywhere. And the Pirate Bay is appealing and shows no willingness to shut down.

No, the only solution is new services that people want. But this requires a change in headspace."

And CHANGE like OBAMA thoughts, start in the management. When did the music industry invent ANYTHING the latest 30 years???

ref: (he used to be in that game to - hence, he knows the level of business development....)


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