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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Too hard sentence closes dialogue

Dialogue always beats quietness and undercover

The sentence to Pirate Bay – 1 year in prison and a total of 30 Million SEK (approx 5 M USD) is exactly what the prosecutor asked for – admitting no place for other views. I believe this will have a very serious long-time effect. Some of them including:

A – most likely reaction from the music industry/old media

• the music industry is happy – ”what they did was wrong”
• some of our parents and old media will be happy – ”anarchy is not the solution”
• the pressure for change is lifted – leaving old media even more fat and happy – and left behind
• legislation in the area will be haltered – a milder sentence would keep that pressure going
• a new push to try to reverse from Web 2.0 to 1.0

A.2 – most likely reaction from the gaming industry

• happy – but gets the warning
• builds value around the relationship with their customers
• ”you may copy a product – but not a relationship!”
• this will lead to involvement of the consumer in the games in a way that makes it harder to file share without funding
• funding competitions become more regular

B – most likely reactions from youngsters(young at mind, not necessarily in age)
• file sharing will continue
• TPB sites will be cloned and duplicated
• Users will go anonymous/hidden IP
• some may think ”this is my right!” – and will continue downloading
• some may be scared and stop – or limit their sharing to trusted networks

C – other options for consumers
• borrow CDs at your local library – it’s free to copy for individual needs in most countries and states
• borrow your friends CDs
• email mp3s to friends – same as C1
* invite musicians and artists to your corporate events
D – other options for artists
• sell your material on sites like
• get an agreement with Spotify and alike services
• join and idependent company
• sell USB sticks at your next concert
• got no concert? Create music clusters and perform together
• jamming sessions are rare – and extremely popular with your audience
• most restaurants are empty at the start of the evening – great spot for jamming or performing
• open a subscribtion service – check out Marit Bergman – Swedish Artist in NY
• and finally – accepting that there’s no market for your material. It has been true, is true and will be true for some, whatever you do. Get it – reshape and do something else!

What are your views on this?


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