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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth day - what does it mean to you?

"Sometimes - when I'm awf'lly low" - that's how one of the songs I used to sing with my first barbershop quartet "Four Others" goes... A famous song from the 40's I believe. Now feeling "low" may be interpreted in many ways - sometimes when I'm soooo busy with all the "important" issues of life and business... I fall to my knees and forward down. At this time of year, life that has been slumbering for a couple of months, restarts again. The grass gets green and lot of small flowers start attracting our winter worn eyes. As the philosophers say - "connect with Mother Nature!"

And TODAY is a good time for it! It's EARTH day! How can you connect today? Hug a tree, enjoy what is around you. Or check this:

Be greatful for what is around you - tomorrow is a new day. Time to appreciate our nature - and save it for another generation?

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