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Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to change a winning team - YES you should!!!

Ever heard the saying "Never change a winning team"? I've heard it soooo many times! Or "If it ain't broken - don't fix it!". Well, I don't agree! The problem with sayings of these kinds is the tend to direct us all - often more than we'd like to agree...

What's my point?
* Meaning
* Preparing for worse days
* Finding our strenghts!

So what should we do? - We will ask ourselves a few simple questions:

* How are we doing? Good/Bad? Who tells - and how?
* If we are "a winning team", if "nothing is broken" and "we are great" - HOW COME we are great and doing well?
* What is it we are doing to make things happen?
* What is in our control - and what is not?
* What are our skills and culture that makes it possible to us to be this great?

Work in your management team, your performing group - even your family!
Put it all on paper - words, mindmaps, drawings even pictures

You are now prepared for more success - and... if things turn bad: how to handle a tougher situation!

what do others say?

In favor of my sake:

opposing my sake:

What do you think?

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