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Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Friday - communication that makes you happy!

Just recently a video was posted to me. OK, it's a commercial - but I have to admit - it catches me. Why? Is it for the joy? Is it the music? The spreading of the activity? Or the thrill of the feeling "it might happen here too"? Watching it for the fifth time - I realize it's all of them - and in addition to these: I am trilled people can actually spend time planning such an event. Now, you may say - "for what reason"? "Why not spend time with people who REALLY need attention?" And I can agree to that too... Or - may it be so that people exposed to a video or other material that REALLY touches them - really make a difference afterwards?

Worth thinking: what planning, management, pleasures et cetera were needed for this video?
Any parallels to your normal working day?

What do YOU think?
And, yeah: here's the video:

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