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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Are you ready to go that extra mile for your customer?

Today in a cafe a thought became just SOO clear to me: Are we as suppliers ready to that extra little thing for our customer? What inspired me?

I ordered the big menu, in fact the most expensive one. When pouring my coffee I stretched for the milk can. Empty. Turned to the staff – two girls talking. Nothing wrong in this. "Would you please fill up this can?" of course! While one of the girls went for the milk I started up my mobile office – power, Mac and sat down 1.5 meters away from the coffee pot. Pretty ordinary, you may say. She filled up the milk can. Period. And returned to talk to her colleague. You may say "yes but she's so young!" and you're right! But I see this happening in so many cases in companies: Not being aware of the "extra mile effect"

Now – what could be different with an "extra mile café"?

First of all – keeping track of all cans – not always possible – but if you work on your perception, soon you will react to behaviours of "almost no milk in the can"

Second – when I ask for you to fill it up – meet me with gratitude "thanks for telling me!" (your customer is helping you)

Third – ask me if I would like some of the new milk (I probaly dooo – since I checked for it"

Fourth – add a napkin – we mostly need it!

What would an "extra mile company" do?

What would that "extra mile company" do? I will start looking for that TEMCs (The Extra Mile Company) in my surroundings – and I certainly apprciate if you find them – feel free to add them here! I've gathered a few inspiring links:

Companies - Consultants:

This seems to be an Australian consultancy that got it. (And yes - there are more!)

Companies - role models:

this site gathers TEMC companies in Scotland


There are of course books on this subject:

Going the Extra Mile Engage Your Workforce to Grow Profit by

Paul Stalker, The Extra Mile Company (out of print)

What's your view on this subject?


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