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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

second round of pitches #ArcticEvening in Copenhagen now

Twingly: services on top of search engine for social media
Break-even this year
Unify everything
Open for interviews, investors, excellent developers

Currently based on widgets



Admedius: use the content graph as base
aggregated content –

Work  and interact with content

//sounds like power of visualisation, simplicity and relationships


Wordy: taking your english text into something beautiful

Publish near perfect English – by 

//seems like work-consuming – and risk: Google Wave on-the-fly translator, but may of course be better…//


Husets Kreative fixes HTML –

Structured data base

Freemium model fixed operator + mobile broadband operator

Customer signs up +Market research –> send them a router –> the customer opens for other users -> an algorithm chooses what to install.

Installed in Möllan, Malmö

About 89 SEK/Month ADSL connect and help each other –

Some experience to pay forward

Provide a community where we can meet and

Open mass mentory –

Closed mentory –

Enter question -> answers

Broadcast and collect

Vision: go global – share knowledge over borders

Basic – free

Enterprise – "costs"

Focus 2: entrerpreneurs…


Social Square consultants

Supporting companies to help/understand/use social media

Demand for participation increases

8 people working full time


Ida – idea: Know when to get pregnant – and not

Measure hormones in the saliva

Problem: big ugly machine

Solution: small device,

Need: SW developer, mech guys, biz angel


Bloglovin' making to RSS what Skype did  

Most women – following fashion blogs


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