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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why networking can be wrong – wrong – wrong!!!

Seen any old-time friends recently showing up on Facebook? Suddenly very interested in networking? Yeah, crisis call for new actions – but some networkers will not be long in the network…

Me-me-me syndrome

When networking is about "me-me-me" and "I-I-I" or "need-need-need" networks normally close. This is why networks close more rapid than the latte goes cold in a cafe.

How to do it?

Try and switch off your reptile brain – what skills do you possess?

What resourses are needed in times of crisis?

Then go into networking:

·      Start by giving –ask what you can do for your fellow networker

·      Get interested in what other do

·      Think "me in that network"

Be grateful for ALL new inputs

Why is this bad?

·      your friend will lose friends in the action

·      networking gets a bad name

web 2.0 will get yet another opponent



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