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Monday, January 24, 2005

Does Art have a place in Business Life?

Welcome to the Blog of "LEK Verksamhetsutveckling".
My company has been around since 2001 and I just realized blogging may be the addition to a Web Site that creates the actuality... Or just an addition? Time will show.

Since the beginning of this year (2005) I have been involved in a project which is probably best described as "Regeneration". The term I understand describes the re-charging of business life throug activities originating in Art life.
The project can be seen on ("Driver Mig" in Swedish translates to "My driving force"). It incorporates 23 persons with a wide variety in Arts.
We are now summarizing the project that has been running for 8 Months. It's been funded by local authorities and the European Social Fund (ESF).
Our findings will be re-used for understanding and hopefully supporting other creative processes in both border-crossing cooperations and research in traditional businesses.

To summarize today:
The former chairman of Allied Steel and Wire, Sir Alan Cox, told an audience in 1997: "If you want to grow your business without ensuring the growth of individual people within the company, they you are deluding yourselves. The world class companies that I've seen actually manage to become world class because they are growing their people faster than they are growing their company... the arts can show us what we are, they give us a vision of what we can be and how we do it."