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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Research on black holes - and the truth about computers and time

Heard of CERN and their huge accelerator? The aim is to explore what really happened at time zero - the time of the Big Bang. Sadly, the accelerator didn't work for long: Luckily, the solution to the black hole theory is much closer than we ever expected. In fact, you are probably close to one as you read this! It's only human to establish huge and complex machines - instead of just examining your closest environment.

Ever had a considerable amount of time - and nothing to do? If you switched on your computer, suddenly you feel how time accelerates. What really happens inside your computer is a big vortex starts moving, and as it moves and accelerates, a miniature black hole is being created. Small enough you won't be (thanks!) drawn into it. But your time and schedule will!!!

Remember where you read it first!

Yours truly, off to find out more truths....