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Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Friday - communication that makes you happy!

Just recently a video was posted to me. OK, it's a commercial - but I have to admit - it catches me. Why? Is it for the joy? Is it the music? The spreading of the activity? Or the thrill of the feeling "it might happen here too"? Watching it for the fifth time - I realize it's all of them - and in addition to these: I am trilled people can actually spend time planning such an event. Now, you may say - "for what reason"? "Why not spend time with people who REALLY need attention?" And I can agree to that too... Or - may it be so that people exposed to a video or other material that REALLY touches them - really make a difference afterwards?

Worth thinking: what planning, management, pleasures et cetera were needed for this video?
Any parallels to your normal working day?

What do YOU think?
And, yeah: here's the video:

more info:
dictionary style:
trend views:
the company:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth day - what does it mean to you?

"Sometimes - when I'm awf'lly low" - that's how one of the songs I used to sing with my first barbershop quartet "Four Others" goes... A famous song from the 40's I believe. Now feeling "low" may be interpreted in many ways - sometimes when I'm soooo busy with all the "important" issues of life and business... I fall to my knees and forward down. At this time of year, life that has been slumbering for a couple of months, restarts again. The grass gets green and lot of small flowers start attracting our winter worn eyes. As the philosophers say - "connect with Mother Nature!"

And TODAY is a good time for it! It's EARTH day! How can you connect today? Hug a tree, enjoy what is around you. Or check this:

Be greatful for what is around you - tomorrow is a new day. Time to appreciate our nature - and save it for another generation?

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Taking charge - opening your own network

Some years ago, expectations on FON were great. It's still there - and I am one of the greatful users. However, when travelling here in Sweden - and elsewhere - I very seldomly find any FON spots.
But internet is full of initiatives - here's one that lets you join a group that opens their personal wlan network to other users in the group:

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Too hard sentence closes dialogue

Dialogue always beats quietness and undercover

The sentence to Pirate Bay – 1 year in prison and a total of 30 Million SEK (approx 5 M USD) is exactly what the prosecutor asked for – admitting no place for other views. I believe this will have a very serious long-time effect. Some of them including:

A – most likely reaction from the music industry/old media

• the music industry is happy – ”what they did was wrong”
• some of our parents and old media will be happy – ”anarchy is not the solution”
• the pressure for change is lifted – leaving old media even more fat and happy – and left behind
• legislation in the area will be haltered – a milder sentence would keep that pressure going
• a new push to try to reverse from Web 2.0 to 1.0

A.2 – most likely reaction from the gaming industry

• happy – but gets the warning
• builds value around the relationship with their customers
• ”you may copy a product – but not a relationship!”
• this will lead to involvement of the consumer in the games in a way that makes it harder to file share without funding
• funding competitions become more regular

B – most likely reactions from youngsters(young at mind, not necessarily in age)
• file sharing will continue
• TPB sites will be cloned and duplicated
• Users will go anonymous/hidden IP
• some may think ”this is my right!” – and will continue downloading
• some may be scared and stop – or limit their sharing to trusted networks

C – other options for consumers
• borrow CDs at your local library – it’s free to copy for individual needs in most countries and states
• borrow your friends CDs
• email mp3s to friends – same as C1
* invite musicians and artists to your corporate events
D – other options for artists
• sell your material on sites like
• get an agreement with Spotify and alike services
• join and idependent company
• sell USB sticks at your next concert
• got no concert? Create music clusters and perform together
• jamming sessions are rare – and extremely popular with your audience
• most restaurants are empty at the start of the evening – great spot for jamming or performing
• open a subscribtion service – check out Marit Bergman – Swedish Artist in NY
• and finally – accepting that there’s no market for your material. It has been true, is true and will be true for some, whatever you do. Get it – reshape and do something else!

What are your views on this?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Recommending Bob Lefsetz - ex music inhabitant

He really gets it all - and comprise it all to a few sentences.

* yes - if you produce something - you should get something
* you need to produce something that is needed by customers
* technology develops - so should you
* laws are always - and SHOULD be! - behind

out of the latest posts:

"I get it, it's the legal theory/precedent. But wasn't that the rationale behind the Napster suits? Establishing the law? So now we've established the law in Sweden. Where next, Afghanistan? Cuba? North Korea? You can put a server anywhere. And the Pirate Bay is appealing and shows no willingness to shut down.

No, the only solution is new services that people want. But this requires a change in headspace."

And CHANGE like OBAMA thoughts, start in the management. When did the music industry invent ANYTHING the latest 30 years???

ref: (he used to be in that game to - hence, he knows the level of business development....)

Seminarium - Tekniskt Institut - 27 maj 2009

Vi är glada att dela med oss - här är information om Workshopen vi arrangerar på uppdrag av Tekniskt Institut 27 maj i år:

"Fördjupningsdag till konferensen "Marknadsföringsdagen 2009"

09:00-16:00 Hur hantera och integrera sociala medier i marknadsföringen
-Ledarskap och marknadsföring i en digital värld
Vill du bryta igenom dagens enorma reklambrus med nytänkande marknadsföring som bygger på dialog och engagemang? Internet har revolutionerat all slags kommunikation. Detta har i sin tur förändrat hela vårt samhälle. Envägskommunikationen förvandlas till flervägs- kommunikation och företagen måste anpassa sig till den nya nätverkande medborgaren samt lära sig att föra en dialog med denna."


Nätverkande - artikel från Ny Teknik

Ingenjörsyrket ger många chanser till kul jobb. Gå på KTH även om du vill bli programledare! Jag kör många utvecklingsprogram med både projektledare och chefer - och jag blandar in såväl show som standup och coachande ledarskap. Mer i denna artikel:

The KTH engineers role in future society-Thoughts from the Reactor Think Tank

We live in disruptive times. The ongoing financial crisis opened unexpected opportunities for politicians to get back into the loop. The ongoing trial on The Pirate Bay shows in a similar way that there's space for the engineer to get back in the media loop of our societies.

During today's tour of the first nuclear plant in Sweden - the R1 at KTH was a good reminder of the time when the engineer was the society's hero. The strong belief in technical solutions as the future saviour of the society. The presentation of the R1 (in Swedish, still - a lot to pick up by all)

It's all too evident how easy all debates fall into the trap of becoming black and white - in the case of file sharing: is it ok to steal or not? freedom or not? - when we all KNOW the debate involves more issues than that. I believe the KTH engineers have a role to play here! Not only do they have a role - the have a challenge - and a duty to pay back to the society the scientific measures to make obvious the debate is more complicated than some players want to make it.
One such voice is the professor Roger Wallis

This is a call to engineers - firstly my fellow engineers of KTH (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan - The Royal Institute of Technology) in Stockholm. Let's debate the often too-simple-angle that mainstream media presents. We'll start this - not as a revolution - but as a disruptive and continuum - something that goes on and on and on...

Our means are the human's best tools: through dialogue, blogs, by talking to neighbors, colleagues, even strangers on the subway. Let's make issues more complicated - and human. The engineer way. Let's start right now. Right here. I'm at KTH today - where are you? What can your engineering spirit help develop today?

More on this (probably mostly in Swedish...):
Judith: "50 meter under jord - KTH"
"Ingenjörer inblandade..."
Rudolf about the creativity of this small country: (Swe):
Björn Falkevik on the presentation - incl video:

Monday, April 06, 2009

2 driving forces (at least!) for cloud services

Cloud services (xxx as a service aka "asp" in the old days...) will gain speed rapidly. There are several forces that will drive this business:

Short term:
1. cost savings in the financial crisis: Most corporations have to reduce cost rapidly. Starting with some cloud services will offer that opportunity

2. the service level from it department to the management level will be challenged by decision panels in the cloud

Long term:
1. Cost savings once the financial crisis is over will increase. Good it staff will be costly, not covering for the surplus cost of local servers

2. security issues will not be handled in the shell model (similar to customs at the border of a country) but rather internally "in the stream" of the information

The next big group to be shortcut by techy development are resellers of servers. What will you add on your services - or adjust to the market situation?

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Jag manar till besinning i IPred-tillämpningen

Jag anser att lagstiftningen kring iPred TILL VISS DEL gör skada för upphovsrättsmännen.
Jag anser vidare att EN DEL - inte ALL - fildelning är marknadsföring - men i en annan form. Sålunda riskerar vi att få en situation där många, många artister som SJÄLVA blivit STORA pga fildelningen (det gäller även spelföretag, CAD-mjukvaruföretag m fl) faktiskt stämmer sina välgörare/kunder.
DET är anledningen att jag är emot den lag som nu ligger.
Den bevarar en gammal maktstruktur som om den hårddras kommer STRYPA kreativiteten - inte gynna skaparna.
Jag är FÖR utveckling - och iPred riskerar att skapa ett modernt digitalt varvsstöd. Och det tror jag inte artister och skribenter egentligen vill. De vill också utveckling - men nu går de i andra riktningen. Makten vill adrig ge upp frivilligt. Nu gör tekniken det oundvikligt.