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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

second round of pitches #ArcticEvening in Copenhagen now

Twingly: services on top of search engine for social media
Break-even this year
Unify everything
Open for interviews, investors, excellent developers

Currently based on widgets



Admedius: use the content graph as base
aggregated content –

Work  and interact with content

//sounds like power of visualisation, simplicity and relationships


Wordy: taking your english text into something beautiful

Publish near perfect English – by 

//seems like work-consuming – and risk: Google Wave on-the-fly translator, but may of course be better…//


Husets Kreative fixes HTML –

Structured data base

Freemium model fixed operator + mobile broadband operator

Customer signs up +Market research –> send them a router –> the customer opens for other users -> an algorithm chooses what to install.

Installed in Möllan, Malmö

About 89 SEK/Month ADSL connect and help each other –

Some experience to pay forward

Provide a community where we can meet and

Open mass mentory –

Closed mentory –

Enter question -> answers

Broadcast and collect

Vision: go global – share knowledge over borders

Basic – free

Enterprise – "costs"

Focus 2: entrerpreneurs…


Social Square consultants

Supporting companies to help/understand/use social media

Demand for participation increases

8 people working full time


Ida – idea: Know when to get pregnant – and not

Measure hormones in the saliva

Problem: big ugly machine

Solution: small device,

Need: SW developer, mech guys, biz angel


Bloglovin' making to RSS what Skype did  

Most women – following fashion blogs

First round of pitches at Arctiv Evening in CPH

these are my strictly personal reactions.... (don't sue me, please!) ;-)




idea markets for companies

Employees can spend on other colleagues ideas – increases the value of the ideas.

Customers: Danske Bank



comfort: tool – addressing feedback from customers

Understand more about what end users experience

Experience – tag cloud –

//problem: folk SÄGER en sak – och GÖR en annan!


analytical library /gallery
visualising of data…  add to Salesforce, embed on internet, mobiles



handling work flows in companies
Set up a space – app store – share applications – everyone


Virtuell Meida

several sites – niched

Building on Google Wave – hemmaharmoni – releasad redan

Bringing the company to more countries

//this guy have experience in large user bases! 


social comm tool for iPhone games

Collect data from plays – present games they will like! 50,000 apps on AppStore

4-5% per game sold.



"Flickr killer"

6 million NOK raised

protect the users content, portable privacy,

//snygg sajt!


*** end of part one ***

Saturday, June 20, 2009

internet trumps all other media.... how does this affect your strategies?

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Advertising in disruptive times

There's a lot of talk now in all media saying "What should we charge
to "How can papers and magazines survive?"

Jeff Jarvis has (of course - lots of great thoughts are compiled and
by this great guy!) given this several thoughts and blogs... Like this

One sentence got me started: "Advertising is failure". Well, you don't
have to agree - but with a society of less megaphones and more dialog
communication, that MAY be true! How to steer in this new landscape is
not easy
to say, as your basic strategy plays an even bigger role than before!

You can be sure we will cover more of this here!

What's your view on this? I always appreciate your thoughts!


Saturday, June 06, 2009

Avoid brand erosion! You just MUST understand the social dimension of the web!

Brand erosion will happen quickly!

Some say Twitter is nothing - some say it's "all"
Some say Facebook is for youngsters - I say not. Or at least both.
I do most of my business contacts on Facebook. More than cold-calling
that I used to do. Guess what is more fun?

No doubt - some companies will erode their brand in rocket speed - by
not getting the social dimension of the web!

More to follow!

What's your opinion?


Monday, June 01, 2009

What would Google® do - or rather - what are they up to? Check this Wave®!

This is a great presentation!
Not only for the content - Google is up to something great!
....but also for the first 2 minutes - not a Power Point, not a
picture -
all is conveyed from one man.

What is Google up to?
Well, in my view, they are answering Jeff Jarvis' question in the book
"What would Google do?"
In this case "What would Google do if they were to develop email today?"

Watch it - and enjoy!

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The group behind the Wave also developed Google Maps;-)

What would you use Wave for?