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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happiness at work?

Ever noticed how kids just love to sing and dance? At a cafe this
morning it struck me what joy the share - in this case a girl of 4
makes up her own song about the birds clearing the ground of

What happens then? Most of us go to school. We learn what suits
and what doesn't. Isn't it time for us to stop worrying what others
MIGHT think - and just try? After all - a lot of that worry goes waaaay
back into evolution - where we just HAD to perform in certain ways
to keep the clan together.

Here's a man who works in a company that supports personalities:

What's your view on this?

Bye for now!
Johan - having another coffee

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Twitter is like a hot line to Sokrates or Kepler

There´s a lot of talk about Twitter these days...
I agree twittering should be well in synch with your strategies.

For my personal knowledge - Twitter is like if someone living in the
16th century had access to the thinking of Shakespeare, or the old
hunters up here North had access to the thinkings of Sokrates and
Pythagoras. How would that have developed their thinking? And to
have it every day?

I skipped newspapers long ago. Twitter is the first thing I turn to,
then a few blogs, online magazines and so on. Meanwhile, radio from
time to time adds on.
Feeding me with thinkings of politicians, Jeff Jarvis, Seth Godin,
Clay Shirky, Chris Heuer and Brian Solis (and a lot more) means a
great deal in MY business and life.

Isn't this just GREAT, sharing thoughts and ideas?

I love it!

What's your opinion?

Slow starter: my impressions from Almedalen

Rose "Peace" and the old citywall_DSC7604
Originally uploaded by Johan Lange

I use to type words. Not a LOT of words. But often, too short of good pictures. So, I'll start off this time in the other order: pictures first!

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Text to be added later - please feel free to interact with the pictures meantime!