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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Time to set a time limit for the CD?

When the state of California decided to ban cars with leaded fuel - the industry reacted.
Now, we are in the digital age where transportation is possible to solve via internet. Manufacturing and distributing CDs consume a lot of our limited resources - primarily petroleum-based products. What state will be first to ban the CD?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Time for some cheering!!! We managed the ozon holes!

Easy to forget - worth mentioning!
Some 15 years ago, the ozon layers were a great concern.
With prompt actions, we did it!
The scientific evidences were very clear - are they as clear today?
I am not denying the problems we foresee - but are we totally clear
on the causes? Now, one may say "better safe than sorry" - but some
actions will be costly - often on the behalf of poor people and countries.

What's your opinion?

Journalism - are journalists themselves opening for bloggers?

There are many signs of journalism developing in different directions: One is digging down, eeper - getting more radical, with journalists covering issues like war, criminal economy et cetera. The other one is floating on the surface, covering simple areas that are obvious to anyone - like TV programs et cetera. What about the gap between these two? IS there a gap? If so, that gap won't exist for ever. I believe this is THE place for bloggers.

A journalist once explained what it is to "be a journalist"... "You see - our task is to create a picture of the everyday as beeing very exciting!" Of course - in a well-organised society like many countries today - news are often of the negative kind.

What bloggers can do is to share their view of the everyday, because unlike the journalist view - the everyday doesn't really need to be flashed up. It only needs to be told.

I also believe mainstream media - be it print or TV - are digging their own grave by "giving the audience what they want". With the choice of other channels - only a little few will stay with the TV set. Most others will search for a niche that tells them "you are important to us - come and see!"

What do you think?
Johan - at a cafe in Lilla Essingen, Stockholm, Sweden on a rainy
Thursday lunch

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